Addressing the experience in CDCR facilities during Covid-19

As a part of the California Prison Roadmap for Targeting Efforts to Address the Ecosystem of COVID Transmission (CalPROTECT), we are working with the California Correctional Health Care Services to address pressing policy-relevant questions related to COVID-19 transmission and mitigation efforts in California’s state prisons. To give correctional leaders and policymakers the evidence they need to optimize the health and dignity of those who live and work in CDCR facilities during the COVID-19 pandemic, we are conducting in-depth interviews with medical and correctional leadership and staff, as well as with people that are incarcerated, to integrate their experiences into the scientific evidence collected by the broader CalPROTECT team. Drawing on the information from these interviews, we are also rolling out a targeted messaging campaign to correctional staff to increase buy-in for COVID-19 safety protocols and vaccine acceptance.

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