Generating community-based indicators of safety

In  this  project,  we  seek  to  answer  the  question: How  would  we design and assess criminal  justice reforms  if  the  concept  of  “safety”  was  truly  being  defined  by  communities  themselves? We  are partnering with Everyday Peace Indicators (EPI) and community-based organizations in three cities to generate participatory, “bottom-up” indicators of public safety. Through both interviews and focus groups with local leaders, community members, and non-profit organizations, we are constructing new metrics for how to evaluate reform. These metrics go beyond the absence of crime (which is frequently the sole way we evaluate criminal justice policies and practice), and aim to better reflect how  the  community understands  the  presence  of safety,  justice,  and wellbeing.  These  metrics will ultimately be used in the measurement, design, and evaluation of public safety reforms undertaken by participating cities.

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