Pre-Registering High School Students to Vote

Young Americans consistently vote at far lower rates than older Americans, leading to an underrepresentation of young people’s political priorities and preferences. High school educators have an opportunity to deliver compelling civics content that leads to higher youth participation rates. Yet few experimental studies have examined the specific content interventions that can drive higher turnout among young people. 

We are partnering with Weld North Education, a national digital education organization that works directly with public high school educators, to test three especially promising online civics education interventions designed specifically to mobilize the next generation. These include helping young people take advantage of pre-registration policies for 16- and 17-year-olds, priming youth to identify as a politically engaged group, and emphasizing the shared values of a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive political community. We will use a combination of administrative data and survey data to measure how these distinct approaches to civic education impact voter registration and turnout rates, as well as a range of political attitudes and beliefs.

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