Setting the Agenda for Federal Workforce

From December 2021 to January 2022, The People Lab hosted four roundtable discussions that aimed to take stock of the most pressing challenges that the federal government is facing related to its workforce, and identify the key areas where research can play a role in helping to address those challenges. Over 40 participants from government, think tanks, non-profits, and academia joined the roundtable discussions.

Coming out of these discussions, we developed a research agenda structured around the goals of the President’s Management Agenda Learning Agenda, which identifies “strengthening and empowering the federal workforce” as a priority. This agenda outlines the most feasible and impactful opportunities for collaborative research on the federal workforce and workplace, laying the foundation for ongoing practitioner-researcher collaborations in three key areas:

  1. Testing approaches to improving the recruitment and hiring of high-performing and diverse teams
  2. Evaluating strategies for improving employee retention, engagement, inclusion, and well-being
  3. Testing methods of strengthening and empowering the federal workforce at all levels.

Report on the Development of a Federal Workforce Research Agenda

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