Understanding District Attorney Decision-Making & Expediting Criminal Case Resentencing

In the past decade, California has made significant progress towards leaving the era of mass incarceration behind, but the state still has a long way to go. One recent Assembly Bill, AB 2942,  has the potential to further decrease the state’s prison population to help keep us on the right track. AB 2942 allows criminal cases to be resentenced, specifically addressing the overly-harsh and punitive sentences of the tough on crime era. In its first year, AB 2942 has already successfully led to the release of a number of individuals. However, we still know little about who the policy will affect, or how to maximize the policy’s impact.

In collaboration with For the People, we propose to design and carry out rigorous research in support of these efforts. Our goal is to use an evidence-informed, collaborative process to help expedite the process of case review, understand how DAs make decisions, broaden the number of eligible cases reviewed, encourage DAs that are not already engaged in this process to participate, and understand how the resentencing process impacts individuals who have been resentenced.

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